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Steve's French Onion Soup

Sounds simple but this dish takes time and patience. The key is in the thorough caramelisation of the onions. Don't add the garlic too early as it will burn and go bitter. Make sure your bread "plug" fits the ramekin snuggly - don't trust it to float. If you have a chef’s blowtorch, have at it!
Steve's French Onion Soup


Cut onions and caramelise in large saucepan with butter and olive oil (20 mins+).

Add Garlic for 3 mins.

Add wine to deglaze.

Then add thyme and flour, stir over medium heat until pasty.

Turn up heat to moderate and slowly add stock, maintaining a rolling boil.

Reduce temp and simmer, covered for 30 - 60 mins. Season if required.

Pour soup into oven-proof ramekins (9 - 11cm diameter), place some cheese on top of soup, then top with a 'plug' bread circle that snuggly fits the ramekin and top with more cheese.

Grill until cheese is lightly browned.

Toast some crusty bread.

Serve and enjoy!


  • 50g Butter

  • 2 TBS Olive Oil

  • 600g Onions halved and sliced (half rings)

  • 2 Cloves Garlic crushed and finely chopped

  • 100ml Dry Wine (white or red)

  • 2 TBS Plain Flour

  • 1 tsp dried Thyme

  • 1L Beef stock

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • 80g Maasdam Cheese (or Gruyère) grated

  • 6 Slices of bread (pressed flat and cut into circles with a ramekin)

  • Crusty Bread

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