Steve Cooks

A recipe site where you don't have to wade through all the boring bloggy anecdotes and biographical filler. Just recipes, ideas, notes and food-making information.

Enjoy! - Steve

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  • Steve's Caesar Salad

    Make friends with this salad!

    5 minutes

  • Steve’s Salmon Coulibiac

    Fancy fish pasty!

    30 mins

  • Steve’s Meat Terrine

    Glorious meat reformed!

    2 hours

  • Steve's Beef and Guinness Pie

    Ireland in a pie!

    2 hours

  • Steve's Pide Pizza

    Fresh and tasty, pizza Middle Eastern style!

    2 hours

  • Steve’s Choux Pastry (Cream Puffs)

    Treat yourself!

    1 Hour

  • Steve's Scotch Eggs

    Sausage and egg crumbed in a ball!

    1 hour

  • Steve's Savoury Pull-Apart Bread

    Great for parties with canapes or as a soup dipper!

    2 Hours

  • Steve's Aussie Burgers

    A burger that's also a complete, balanced meal!

    30 minutes

  • Steve's Simple Apple Strudel

    Too many apples? Chop em', freeze em', cook em' up!

    1 hour

  • Steve's Oven Omelette

    An omelette that doesn't have a burnt bum!

    20 mins

  • Steve's Dog Cookies

    Stick it to the man - Make your own!

    40 Minutes