Steve Cooks

A recipe site where you don't have to wade through all the boring bloggy anecdotes and biographical filler. Just recipes, ideas, notes and food-making information.

Enjoy! - Steve

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  • Steve's Aussie Meat Pies

    Somewhere out there the best pie in the world exists...

  • Steve's Seafood Gratin Pie

    Decadent cheesy potato atop seafood in a rich creamy sauce!

  • Steve's Cheesy Kale and Potato Soup

    Making Kale Edible Again!

  • Steve’s Crunchy Gherkins

    Sweet and sour happiness!

    1 hour

  • Steve’s Pickled Onions

    Perfect Pickled Onions!

    3 months

  • Steve's Chicken Mushroom Zucchini Pasta Sauce

    Twisted Spaghetti Sauce for grown-ups !

    1 hour

  • Steve's Fish Pie

    It's a pie, with fish!

    1 hour

  • Steve’s Soft Shelled Crab

    Crunchy, crabby dippyness.

    30 minutes

  • Steve’s Swiss Dumplings (Capuns)

    Chardy Cheese Chunks!

    1 hour

  • Steve’s Banana Bread Bites

    Old Bananas do have a purpose!

  • Steve's Pickled Cucumbers

    Too many Cues? Try This!

    3 months

  • Steve’s Bourbon and Coke Ribs

    Ribs Good!

    30 hours