Steve Cooks

Steve's Caesar Salad

A perennial dish that always satisfies. Rich dressing and crispy lettuce. Add or subtract ingredients as you want, this one is made with shop-bought mayo but home made is good too!
Steve's Caesar Salad


Quickly mix dressing ingredients in hand mixer or small blender

Cut bread into 1 cm squares and toast in dry pan/wok, allow to cool.

Roughly chop lettuce.

Put all into nice big serving bowl and thoroughly mix dressing through.

Sprinkle on some more Parmesan Cheese, your choice of meat, rock salt and ground pepper.

Eat and feel happy you have had a salad!



  • 1/3 cup Real Mayonnaise (Hellmman’s or similar)

  • 3 TBS Grated Parmesan Cheese

  • 2 Anchovies

  • 1 tsp minced Garlic

  • 1 tsp lemon juice

  • ½ tsp Mustard (American or Dijon)

  • ½ tsp Worcestershire Sauce

  • Pinch Salt and Pepper


  • As much Romaine Lettuce as required for 2-4 people

  • 3 slices bread (crusts removed)

  • (optional) Bacon/Ham/Smoked Chicken, etc cubed.

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