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Steve's Gammon Ham Brine Cure

Pretty much variable recipe except for the ratio of salt:prague powder:water, which should always be 50:5:500. Spices and sugars can be varied depending on taste.
Steve's Gammon Ham Brine Cure


Mix brine ingredients in half the water boiling to disolve. Add remaining water and cool mixture.

Brine pork in fridge for 5 days based on 2kg boned shoulder. (One day per centimetre to centre of meat, plus two days.)

Smoke or roast until internal temp is 65C


Brine (Per kg meat)

  • 500ml Water

  • 50g salt

  • 25g Raw Sugar 

  • 5g Prague Cure #1 

  • 1 TBS Honey

  • 1 tsp Pickling Spice

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