Steve Cooks

Steve's Fruit and Nut Bars

I owe a debt here to Simon Bryant (from the TV) for the inspiration. Just about any dried fruit, seed or nut could be substituted here. Even the quantities can be varied. They are sticky, so store in the fridge or freezer until used.
Steve's Fruit and Nut Bars


Mix all dry ingredients.

Warm Syrup, Honey, Tahini together. Microwave 45 seconds.

Add to dry ingredients and thoroughly mix.

Spread on non-stick tray or baking paper and refrigerate for 1 hour minimum.

Cut and enjoy. Store in the fridge.


  • 1 cup Puffed rice

  • ½ cup Sesame seeds

  • ½ cup diced dried Apricots

  • ½ cup diced dried Apple

  • ½ cup Pepitas toasted

  • ½ cup Sunflower seeds

  • ½ cup Pistachio nuts (shelled)

  • ½ cup Cashew nuts

  • ½ cup LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seed, almonds)

  • ½ cup golden syrup

  • ½ cup honey

  • ½ cup tahini

  • ½ tsp salt

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