Steve Cooks

Steve's Cheese Sausage (Käsekrainer)

Kasekrainer is an Austrian Cheese-filled sausage. Delicious barbequed or gently boiled.
Steve's Cheese Sausage (Käsekrainer)


Mix all except cheese and grind (6mm).
Add cheese and stuff 40mm (Ox) casings.
Tie to 15cm sausages.
Smoke 1-2 hours
Poach for 1 hour at 70C
Hang to dry for 2 days. Vacuum seal. Store @ 10C to mature.
Can be frozen or stored in fridge.


  • 800g Pork shoulder

  • 150g Beef (more pork can be used instead)

  • 50g Bacon/Ham (more pork can be used instead)

Ingredients per 1000g of meat

  • 200g Cheese (Emmental,  Gruyere, Swiss etc, cut to 4 mm cubes)

  • 35g Milk Powder

  • 22g Salt

  • 5g Pepper

  • 2.5g Paprika (sweet smoked)

  • 2.5g Curing salt #1

  • 60ml Vegetable Oil

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